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About Jessica Horn

Jessica Horn is an African feminist sctivist, writer and poet. She is the Director of Programmes at the African Women's Development Fund, a founding member of the African Feminist Forum, and lead author of the BRIDGE Cutting Edge Pack on Gender and Social MovementsShe is the co-editor of Our Africa on openDemocracy 50.50.


Articles by Jessica Horn

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Avoidable injustices: the way to prevent violence against women

We want to end violence against women, but is it really preventable? New research from Uganda adds scientific muscle to the political argument that we can, if we transform the gender power relations that sustain it.

Feminist Africa: putting Africa’s feminist thinking on the intellectual map

This month oD 50.50's platform Our Africa launches a special collaboration with Africa’s leading gender studies journal Feminist Africa. Series editors Jessica Horn and Simidele Dosekun explain the thinking behind it.

Rethinking social movements

Today the structures that sustain oppression exhibit an impressive level of transnational collaboration. Where to then for local and transnational social movements committed to challenging this oppression, and advancing feminism and gender equality?

Panzi hospital: a critical pulse for justice, peace and health

Congo's women survivors, standing in solidarity with Dr Mukwege and his staff at Panzi hospital, have become donors to their own cause and catalysts for deep social change.  Who is standing alongside them and the hospital patients to ensure that their transformative work continues? 

"They have killed Sizakele”

A poem by Jessica Horn. Part of a series of poems by African feminist writers for 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence.

Every act of violence is a choice

“Sometimes we need to name the abnormal as abnormal, and take action to defend what is normal!” - Shereen Essof. Jessica Horn reports at the close of the Nobel Women's Initiative conference, 'Women Forging a New Security: ending sexual violence in conflict'

Our Africa: mapping African women's critical resistance

Echoing through analysis on Our Africa over the past year is a recognition and interrogation of women as authors and innovators of culture, as agents of history, and as complex political actors. These rich and sometimes surprising counter- narratives are good news amidst the kaleidoscope of global challenges, argues Jessica Horn

Accepted mishaps? Faith healing, HIV and AIDS responses

As the 2012 International AIDS Conference gathers to review “the science”, Jessica Horn examines the powerful role of faith-healing in African communities affected by HIV and AIDS, and asks why there is still so little policy and activist action on the issue.

Crisis in Mali: fundamentalism, women's rights and cultural resistance

In conversation with Jessica Horn, a leading Malian women’s rights activist identifies the roots of the crisis in Mali, and the opportunistic use of the crisis by Malian and international Islamic fundamentalists to gain a popular foothold in the north of the country

Lessons of the hummingbird

In the company of souls departed and souls vibrantly alive, Jessica Horn reflects on the significance of the lives of Nobel laureates Leymah Gbowee and the late Wangari Maathai, and the transgressive power of African women on a mission.

Clearing ground: planting the seeds of Our Africa

On the launch of Our Africa, co-editor Jessica Horn reflects on the lives of two formidable Africans, Wambui Otieno Mbugua and Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, and the intellectual and political ground opened by African women.

The security sector: an awkward space for engagement

Alongside powerful arguments against militarism, we are hearing an increasingly significant voice from within the security sector, including women in uniform, working on ways to improve the security sector’s own understanding and response to issues of women’s rights and security. Jessica Horn reports on the debates at the Nobel Women's Initiative conference.

The pragmatism of hope

Hope may be a rare word in the discourse of realpolitik that frames much official discussion on conflict and security today. It is certainly not counted amongst the quantifiable resources in security or peacebuilding budgets. And yet it is a word that I have heard consistently over the past two days of the Nobel Women’s Initiative conference.....

Prevention is the cure

“There is a reason that international institutions have been so slow to move on this agenda - it is because impunity begins at home!”- Joanne Sandler, deputy director, UN Women. Jessica Horn reports from the Nobel Women's Initiative conference on ending sexual violence against women.

Sexual violence: the healing imperative

How far do our post-conflict reconstruction efforts go when it comes to addressing the trauma and loss that women and girls experience during conflict? Jessica Horn reports ahead of the Nobel Women’s Initiative conference on ending sexual violence in conflict

Tales of the lionesses: the third African Feminist Forum

Where does feminism fit in our narrative of African experience? What is the vision of Africa’s ‘lionesses’- feminist thinkers and doers? Jessica Horn reflects on the opening of the third African Feminist Forum

Spirit, hope, money and a dose of patriarchy

A growing movement of African Christians are making waves at home and abroad with their ultra conservative interpretations of scripture. Far from a naïve embrace of conventional norms or a faithful embrace of scripture, these interpretations are emerging as clear political choices and are undermining women's rights struggles across the African continent

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