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About Kasia Narkowicz

Kasia Narkowicz is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of York. She works on issues around race, citizenship and the State in the context of the War on Terror and on issues around Islamophobia and gender in Poland.

Articles by Kasia Narkowicz

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

What motivated the 60,000 people who joined the far-right Polish Independence March?

On 11th November, around 60,000 people joined Poland’s Independence March, organised by members of two far-right groups. A march on such a scale raises serious questions about the country’s relationship to racism. 

The character of citizenship: denying the rights of asylum seekers and criminalising dissent

Refusing citizenship on grounds of 'character' reflects the criminalisation of global political dissent and resistance, while these subjective criteria normalise an imperialist system of citizenship.

Why are Polish people so wrong about Muslims in their country?

Although Muslims in Poland constitute less than 0.1% of the total population, a recent survey found that Poles believe that 7% of their country is Muslim.

Czarny Protest: how Polish women took to the streets

After two decades of feminist pressure, the people took to the streets. But why now?

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