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About Lara Pawson

Lara Pawson is a journalist and writer living in London.

Articles by Lara Pawson

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Unlawful killing: Why Jimmy Mubenga's death is British business

• A British jury finds that Jimmy Mubenga, a father of five being deported from Britain to Angola, was unlawfully killed  • Three guards from private security company G4S forcibly restrained him • Ties that go back decades before his birth in Angola link Jimmy Mubenga to the UK

Angola’s elections: the politics of no change

Angola's people waited sixteen years for an election. In the end, the victory of the ruling MPLA was even more total than expected. The country's conflicted history, the party's long political hegemony - and oil wealth - help explain why, says Lara Pawson, recently in Luanda.

Angola: worlds in collision

Luanda’s poor are paying a heavy price for the gleaming condominiums and shopping-malls arising around them, reports Lara Pawson.

Angola: the politics of exhaustion

A tired people haunted by conflict finds the rewards of democracy elusive, reports Lara Pawson in Luanda.
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