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About Leonid Latynin

Leonid Latynin was born in 1938 in a small town on the Volga. After a series of jobs and army service he graduated from Moscow University and worked in various publishing houses while writing poetry and studying pre-Christian Russian culture. He published six collections of his verse, but only managed to publish his novels after perestroika: The Face-Maker and the Muse in 1988; Sleeper at Harvest Time in 1993, and Stavr and Sara in 1994.

Articles by Leonid Latynin

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Sleeper at Harvest Time

openDemocracy presents an extract from Sleeper at Harvest Time, Leonid Latynin's fantastical three-part novel that traverses 1000 years of Russian history – from a violent pagan past to a future dystopia and ethnic conflict.

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