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Matt Kennard is deputy director at the Centre for Investigative Journalism in London, and author of Irregular Army and The Racket. Follow him on Twitter: @KennardMatt.

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Britain’s warfare state

Britain needs an industrial strategy. At the same time, Britain needs to move away from its imperial pretensions to police the world's oceans. The two factors are ever more interlinked.

Inside Bedford: a fragile success story of multiculturalism, home of Yarl's Wood

What do Mabel, Joanna, Ali, Rana and Peter have to say about their home city, one of the most diverse in the UK?

Was a peace agreement ever possible in a country as complicated as Colombia?

Easy to imagine the president sizing up how that Nobel Prize would look on his mantelpiece. But the impact of the No vote will only become known in the fullness of time.

Bolivian democracy vs the United States

The elusive truth of on armed raid in eastern Bolivia leads Matt Kennard into a major investigation of the efforts by Washington and its local allies to undermine the radical government of Evo Morales. 

Honduras, the politics of violence

The incidence of targeted social violence in the central American country is a growing political concern as presidential elections approach, finds Matt Kennard in Tegucigalpa.

America's military: a far-right threat

A lax recruitment policy has allowed neo-Nazi and other extremists to enter the United States army. The violent consequences are increasingly being felt in the domestic arena, says Matt Kennard.

Haiti and the shock doctrine

Haiti, an already very poor country, was shattered by the earthquake of January 2010 centred on the capital, Port-au-Prince. In the aftermath, a rigorous economic programme was imposed by rich-world agencies and governments that took no account of Haitians' true needs. A forensic investigation of how this blueprint has overridden the hopes of a new generation of Haitians, by Matt Kennard.

New York justice: a long wait

The effects of the financial crisis are being felt at the sharp end of the local courts system in the United States, finds Matt Kennard.

America's social security: reforming a giant

The cost of the United States's trillion-dollar pension system is high on the presidential-election agenda. But turning problems into workable proposals is hard, reports Matt Kennard.

The veteran's tale: homeless in the homeland

Many former American soldiers find it hard to readjust to civilian life. Now budget cuts to designated housing programmes are making it even tougher, says Matt Kennard.

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