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About Niccoló Milanese

Niccolo Milanese is Co-President of European Alternatives.

Articles by Niccoló Milanese

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Exit Europe: situating the UK referendum in a wider European context

There are a few glimmers of real debate shining through in the UK referendum discussion. But this is not going to settle 'once and for all’ the UK’s relationship with the EU.

Talk Real London: "Exit Europe?"

Looking at the upcoming EU referendum in the UK, we ask: beyond the conservative in/out options dominating the headlines, what debate should we be having about Europe? (1 hour).

The limits of Europe

openDemocracy is partnering with European Alternatives to explore the Transeuropa festival. Here, the Co-President of European Alternatives tells us what he hopes to find at Transeuropa.

Are alternatives still possible in Europe?

After five years of crisis marked by rising technocracy and #ThisIsACoup hashtags, is the hope of a truly democratic Europe still real? In this second episode of the new web-show TalkReal we continue asking whether change in Europe is still possible. (Video, 23 mins)

Heretical Europe: Jan Patočka as symbol of dissident contingency

Post-Europe, for Patočka, must be acutely aware of its own contingency even when it proclaims (above all when it proclaims) the sanctity of universal principles.

How can Europe be shaped from a citizen's perspective?

The co-president of European Alternatives talks about engaging European institutions and insists upon the possibility of creative, experimental and imaginative forms of European citizenship (Video, 11 mins)

Europe after Europe: the other Europe in waiting

With so many conflicting interpretations of what post-crisis Europe should look like, it is easy to forget that another Europe will only come by reconciling the people across the continent, through initiatives and institutions that sew up a broken social fabric.

The road to Europe: the need for trans-European politics

The EU's crisis has been framed as an economic one, with the self-interest of individuals in nation states pitted one against the other: if the Greeks do well, the Germans do badly. But Europe needs a plural political existence - European political parties expressing this - in order to function

The Festival of Europe: a London reimaginary

The cultivation of spaces to explore ideas in search of truth and beauty is a vital part of Europe’s project, says Niccoló Milanese of the Festival of Europe.
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