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About Nitasha Kaul

Nitasha Kaul (@NitashaKaul) is a Kashmiri novelist, poet and academic. She is an Assistant Professor of Politics and International Relations at the Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Westminster in London. Her work and publications  are at


Articles by Nitasha Kaul

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

From funerals to freedom for Kashmir: undoing the Great Indian Democracy

Indian desperation to possess the territory of Kashmir in its entirety, even if it means sacrificing all Kashmiri, and many Indian, lives, is a blot on Indian democracy.

Nitasha Kaul

The decades up to 2050 witnessed intensified struggles over Food-Oil-Climate-Identity (FOCI). As these issues became more vexed, they were impacted by recurring natural disasters and a technological coding of the earth and humanity, with corresponding changes in subjectivity and consciousness of space and self. As a result, states explored radical options that finally enabled a free movement of people across the globe. This transformative shift changed the nature of society and politics in a much more democratic direction.

Image by Nitasha Kaul

How many zeroes are there in a trillion? On Economics, Neoliberalism and Economic Justice

The idea of economics as a science, not a branch of moral and political philosophy, is ideological. It is a position that is designed to obscure questions of justice, humanity and history

Kashmir: a place of blood and memory

In attempting to suffocate a separate Kashmiri identity, India reveals the cracks in its own idea of nationhood, argues Nitasha Kaul.

India's big guns bazaar

Security is too important a question to be left to the defence sector alone.

The economics of turning people into things

Economics does violence when it forgets that social science must also be moral science
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