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About Raluca Besliu

Raluca Besliu is a freelance journalist from Romania. She runs a blog about young changemakers and entrepreneurs called Taking on the Giant. You can follow her @Raluca_Besliu

Articles by Raluca Besliu

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Refuge, and a home, in Vienna: a young Iraqi's story

An Iraqi refugee tells us how he came to Vienna and managed to make a life for himself there against the odds.

Reclaiming the forest: a Romanian story

Since the fall of communism, Romania's ancestral, cultural link to its forests is being undermined by corrupt political and economic interests.

The dying beauty of old Bucharest

In order for Bucharest to reclaim its role as a leading European capital, it has to undergo a major process of rehabilitating its invaluable patrimonial buildings. This is impossible without the authorities contributing. 

Romania's unsolved communist ecological disaster

Geamana was once a picturesque village in the Carpathian Mountains. Today, the village has almost entirely been engulfed in toxic copper waste laced with cyanide and other chemicals from the nearby Rosia Poieni copper mining pit.

The tragedy of education in rural Romania

Rural education in Romania is in a dismal state, lagging far behind its urban counterpart, and having among the worst standards in the European Union.

Communist nostalgia in Romania

A recent poll suggested that nearly half of Romanians have a positive view of Ceausescu and believe that life was better under him. What is behind this surprising nostalgia for the communist era?

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