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About René Wildangel

René Wildangel is the Director of the German Heinrich Böll Foundation‘s office in Ramallah.

Articles by René Wildangel

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

We don't need another "war on terror", we need a policy change

We need a serious debate about the failure of the "war on terror". Here are a few proposals for an alternative strategy.

How we are permanently destroying Gaza

Without radical policy change new violence will erupt in 2015 and Gaza will become unlivable. Meanwhile Israel is relieved of any responsibility as an occupying power under international law for the UN’s Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism.

Palestinian statehood: an idea whose time has come

After years of state building activities and a long period of full cooperation of the Palestinian authorities with Israel and the West, the country now seems ready to become a full member of the UN. It is time for the US and Europe to welcome this timely and legitimate bid, argues Rene Wildangel

After Obama’s Middle East speech: save Palestinian reconciliation

To get beyond the current impasse in the Israel-Palestine conflict, the "Quartet principles" need to be abandoned in favor of an active promotion of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation.
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