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About Sergii Leshchenko

Sergii Leshchenko is a Ukrainian journalist and a member of the Verkhovna Rada. All views expressed are made in a personal capacity. 

Articles by Sergii Leshchenko

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Ahead of next year’s presidential elections, Ukraine is being handed a false choice

Working in tandem, Ukraine’s ruling groups are creating an election cycle that will only benefit themselves. RU

Defending Ukraine’s revolution against Ukraine’s leaders

Leshchenko.pngAs Ukraine’s oligarchic status quo re-asserts its power, the country’s international partners need to step up their support for democracy. RU


Ukraine’s corrupt counter-revolution

In Ukraine, revolution and reform has given way to reaction, with vested interests entrenching themselves even further. Русский


Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada: an oligarchs’ club or a real parliament?


A year ago, Ukraine’s president promised to break the oligarchs’ stronghold on power. While this is yet to happen, a new generation of deputies is changing the political atmosphere. Русский

Sweet talking in Ukraine

President Petro Poroshenko is not an ideal Western-type politician, and certainly not the answer to Maidan's dreams. But could he be the answer to Ukraine’s many problems? на русском языке


A way out for Ukraine

As the standoff between the government and the protesters continues in Kyiv, Sergii Leshchenko suggests what might be done to break the impasse.

The YES men

Each September sees a meeting of the Yalta European Strategy (YES), founded by oligarch Viktor Pinchuk to promote closer ties between Ukraine and the EU. With the deadline for an Association Agreement two months away, this year’s meeting was crucial, but as Sergii Leshchenko reports, they might just make it.  

In Ukraine, it grows on trees ...

Ever since becoming Ukraine’s president in 2010, Viktor Yanukovych has been preparing for his next election in 2015 – and this time he intends to win without the support of the oligarchs. But he needs cash, lots of it, and this, as Sergii Leshchenko reports, is where "self-made" Serhiy Kurchenko comes in.

If only it were fiction ...

In a few months, the EU will decide whether to sign an Association Agreement with Ukraine. President Viktor Yanukovych is, however, focused on a different agenda - how to win a second term in 2015. He's ready to go to any lengths to bring that about, reports Sergii Leshchenko. 

The two worlds of Viktor Yanukovych’s Ukraine

Ukraine’s President Yanukovych has completed his takeover of his country’s TV channels, and is making inroads into the internet. As Ukraine faces a choice of whether to align itself with Europe or Eurasia, Sergii Leshchenko wonders if there is a way back. 

Ukraine: Yanukovych's 'Family' spreads its tentacles

Last October, Ukraine’s ruling Party of the Regions won only a slim election victory, but President Viktor Yanukovych has taken the opportunity to pack his new government with members of his ‘Family’ – and to level new and grave charges at jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. Sergii Leshchenko reports. 

The not-very-convincing victory of Mr. Yanukovych

By means fair and foul, the ruling Party of the Regions came out top in Ukraine’s recent parliamentary election. President Yanukovych is far from home and dry, however: to control parliament he needs a majority, and the necessary concessions to other parties will certainly cost him dear, says Sergii Leshchenko

Ukrainian Elections: the oligarchs are hedging their bets

On 28th October, Ukrainians will elect a new parliament. Their country has moved in the last few years from the forefront of democratic transition in the post-Soviet space to a clan-based authoritarian regime, taking its lead from its neighbour Belarus. Serhiy Leshchenko reports on the state of play.

Rigging elections, Ukrainian-style

On 28th October Ukrainians go to the polls to elect a new parliament, but it is already clear that the election will not be fought by fair means. Sergii Leshchenko outlines the various, and sometimes ingenious, methods used to rig the vote.

Yanukovych, the luxury residence and the money trail that leads to London


European leaders’ decision to boycott Ukraine’s Euro 2012 has highlighted the role of Yanukovych as the new black sheep of Europe. Yet Yanukovych made his own own ‘European choice’  long ago  – it is in there that he squirrels away his family’s fortune, writes Sergii Leshchenko

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