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About Sufian Zhemukhov

Sufian Zhemukhov's research interests include U.S.-Caucasus relations, history, anthropology, and philosophical thought of the Caucasus. For 2005-2006 he was a Fulbright Scholar at the Kennan Institute in Washington, DC. He is currently a visiting scholar at George Washington University.

Articles by Sufian Zhemukhov

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Does Abkhazia need a foreign policy makeover?

Abkhazia's limited international recognition has so far only made it more dependent on Russia. Sufian Zhemukhov considers how the Abkhazians might develop their status in the international context.

Quadriga Prize: the Circassian dimension

An international outcry at the award of the prestigious Quadriga Prize to Vladimir Putin resulted in its cancellation for 2011, thus depriving the 3 other nominees of the honour they were to have received. Political relations between Russia and Germany are not affected, but there is another dimension to the question, explains Sufian Zhemukhov.

Russia and Georgia: the Circassian question

A series of recent international conferences have pushed the Circassian question on to the international agenda. Sufian Zhemukhov considers the historical background to the relationships between Georgia and the North Caucasus and possible future developments.

Sochi: a city with no mosque

In 2014 Russia will host the Winter Olympics in Sochi, once upon a time the capital of independent Circassia. The city has 20,000 Muslims, but no mosque. Sufian Zhemukhov considers the historical reasons for official antagonism to building a mosque and its implications for the Winter Olympics.

Skating on thin ice in Sochi

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi threatens to be overshadowed by a centuries-old row between Russia and the disposessed Circassian nation, writes Sufian Zhemukhov. Russia should take the opportunity to engage and impress its way to a lasting solution.
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