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Theodore Baird is a post-doc at VU University Amsterdam. He currently researches issues of border security and surveillance in Europe as part of the project "The Human Costs of Border Control".


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Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Spectral vessels

Powerful institutional agendas have acted to bolster the ‘ghost ship’ obsession. Such symbolism renders the specificities of Mediterranean migration opaque.

Where is civil society in the EU’s new Maritime Security Strategy?

The new EU ‘Maritime Security Strategy’ neglects civil society and raises concerns over fundamental rights.

Syrian refugee camps and conflict in Turkey

Now that the short term crisis has transformed into a long term stalemate, the inadequacy of the temporary protection regime of camps in Turkey is revealed. Turkey is a party to international treaties arising from the basic obligation to open its border to refugees. But the international community also has responsibilities.

The missing migration component of Turkey-Africa relations

Turkey needs to come to terms with the immigration responsibilities that come with increased trade links with Africa.
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