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About Tjebbe van Tijen

Tjebbe van Tijen was curator of the department for the documentation of “modern social movements” at the University of Amsterdam and in the International Institute of Social History.

He works as a multi-media artist under the name Imaginary Museum, making interactive installations to dramatise history. He now works for the School of Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong developing a visual narrative education system'.

Articles by Tjebbe van Tijen

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Pigeon post: privacy in the Information Age

A tableau for whistleblower Snowden - just strap your USB stick on! (visual montage)

Bilderberg 2013: 100% privacy & 100% security? "YES SOME CAN HAVE IT"

Apart from the regular conspiracy reactions, in the present context the Bilderberg Conference is proof of the favoured treatment of the elites over the masses when it comes to privacy, security and convenience.... (visual montage)

Back to the old Cold War game

With the upcoming lifting of the arms embargo for Assad regime opponents in Syria we are back to the old game: Cold War -  the USA and the former Soviet Union both offering advanced weapon systems to the belligerent parties (visual montage).

"Italia, sveglia!" Basta con la Gerontocrazia!

"Italy, wake up!" Away with the Gerontocracy! (visual montage)

A tableau for Thatcher

Nothing lasts... (visual montage)

Euro sunset on Cyprus

Euro sunset on Cyprus: while Vladimir Putin dives for the Gazprom treasure, diligent locals are facing a tax grab of their small savings (visual montage).

Il Grillo Parlante

Will "il Grillo Parlante" the speaking Cricket of Pinocchio change the Phallocentric style of Italian politics? (visual montage)

Chavez: when great leaders die

When great leaders die their heritage is the power they usurped and failed to share with others (a visual montage).

The Promised Land 2013

This month's Europe at a glance, a collection of visual thoughts on Europe and where it is heading - if anywhere.


This month's Europe at a glance, a collection of visual thoughts on Europe and where it is heading - if anywhere.

A tableau for Václav Havel

Vaclav Havel

Tjebbe van Tijen presents a montage of graffiti and photographs in honour of Václav Havel

After Gaddafi: tableau

A picture poem on Gaddafi's fall

NATO’s collateral tyrannicide

Will the killing of Osama Bin Laden bring justice and peace to the world? There is a growing body of evidence reaching back through the centuries, to suggest that it will not.

Wilders and the Dutch press: scapegoater hunted down as a witch

Judgmental journalism directed at members of parliament is an orchestrated form of ‘mob-justice’ in the Netherlands today. Self-appointed media watchdogs present a bigger danger to society than the persons they pursue

The sorrow of the Netherlands

The gunshot that felled Pim Fortuyn reverberated around Europe and made the politics of the Netherlands a rare focus of world attention. But the assassination was, first and foremost, a shattering event for Dutch society. Over the next eleven days, and concluding one hour before the polls opened in the general election, Tjebbe van Tijen wrote this moving exploration of its national meaning.

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