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About Xnet

Xnet (ex-EXGAE) is a group of activists who have worked since 2008 in different fields relating to online democracy, the fight against corruption and the creation of mechanisms for organised citizen participation and to constrain seats of power and institutions.  We defend a free and neutral Internet; the free circulation of culture, knowledge and information; citizen journalism and the right to know, to report and to be informed; the legal, technical and communications struggle against corruption and technopolitics, understood as the practice of networking and taking action for empowerment, for justice and for social transformation.



Articles by Xnet

This week’s front page editor


Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The EU call it copyright, but it is massive Internet censorship and must be stopped

We citizens battling for civil rights on the Internet will meet our obligation and fight the good fight. We’ll stop this attack on the Internet and democracy sooner or later.

La insoportable tecnofobia de la izquierda

En la izquierda española, hay varias cosas que no van. Principalmente pecados de gula; gula electoral; gula de poder; gula comercial y cortoplacista. English

The untenable technophobia of the Left

On hate speech, fake news, anonymity and "new" politics. A warning. Español

Repression and digital resistance in the #CATALANREFERENDUM

Success and failure in the use of digital tools in Catalonia’s rebellion; a calendar of events.

How to preserve fundamental rights on the internet: a guide

The Spanish government's crackdown in Catalonia has shown that the entire population – not only Catalan people – needs tools to guarantee their fundamental rights. Here's a practical guide to securing them online. 

Stop #CensorshipMachine, for a EU copyright law that respects our rights and freedoms

Xnet launches video campaign: Stop #CensorshipMachine, for a EU copyright law that respects our rights and freedoms.

A whistleblowing platform against corruption for the City Council of Barcelona

Corruption can’t be eliminated by institutions scrutinising themselves. Civil society must play a central, continuous role.

Los correos de Blesa: el fin de una era

España, Diciembre 2013: se filtran alrededor de 800 e-mails enviados desde cuentas oficiales de Caja Madrid entre el 2000 y el 2009, relativos a las actuaciones de su anterior presidente, Miguel Blesa, que han llevado ante los tribunales a más de cien banqueros y politicos. Presentamos la historia que hay detrás de los correos de Blesa, re-publicados hoy. English  Portugues

Os correios eletrónicos de Blesa: o fim de uma era

Espanha, Dezembro 2013: a filtração de 8000 correios eletrónicos enviados desde contas de correio eletrónico oficiais da “Caixa Madrid” entre 2000 e 2009, nos quais se reflete a conduta do seu antigo presidente, Miguel Blesa, foram essenciais para levar perante a Justiça a mais de 100 banqueiros e políticos. Apresentamos portanto a história por detrás dos correios de Blesa, republicados hoje. English Español

Blesa's e-mails: the end of an era

Spain, December 2013: 8,000 leaked e-mails sent from Caja Madrid corporate accounts, regarding the actions of former president, Miguel Blesa, have led to over 100 bankers and politicians facing trial. This is the inside story of Blesa’s e-mails, from those behind the leak. Español. Portugues.

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