Republishing openDemocracy content

We welcome all enquiries about reproducing openDemocracy's content. Fees are charged where appropriate, but please contact us as fees are often reduced or waived. Much of our content is published under Creative Commons licensing – see below.

We aim to respond promptly to all requests.

Reprint permissions: one-off use of oD content

We are happy to discuss permission for all types of one-off reuse and republication of openDemocracy material. Since our copyright arrangements may vary from article to article, please contact us with any request.

Please contact us at [email protected] about any request for republication in printed media.

Please note that no images on may be copied or reproduced in any form without prior permission.

Authors, please see our Information for authors page for further copyright and syndication details.

openDemocracy publishes many articles under a Creative Commons licence. This is intended to allow blogs and non-commercial websites to reproduce on a one-off basis, content that is Creative Commons licensed, without the need to request permission.

When attributing articles, please use the following:

This article was originally published on

If your organisation, NGO, professional website, or media organisation wants to use content more frequently – even if you are not-for-profit – we ask that you contact us to discuss your request. Our general rule is that if you want to republish more than two pieces per month on a regular basis we ask that you contact us.

Syndication: reproducing openDemocracy content on a regular basis

Annual, monthly or per-article agreements are all possible. Fees vary: please contact us at [email protected]

Educational institutions

openDemocracy articles are particularly suited to use in academic teaching, and course materials. Many articles have been widely used in educational institutions.

In general, we do not apply fees to educational use, but we may ask your department or institution for a donation to help us maintain openDemocracy's high-quality output.

For permission and more details please contact us at [email protected].

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