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Demo for democracy: Saturday May 8th 2pm Trafalgar Square

A post-election protest will take place in the UK on Saturday to demand reform and a fair voting system.


This election campaign has seen repeated promises of “change” and a “new politics” from politicians keen to show they understand the public’s anger at a corrupt and broken political system. 

But unless we make clear we are serious about the need for reform, politicians will assume they can get back to the same old politics.

The election is too close to call but one result is guaranteed – our unfair voting system will deliver a random outcome which does not reflect what people voted for. The party which comes third in the popular vote could even come first in terms of the number of seats it wins.

No matter what the colour of your political stripes, this is a democratic travesty and can’t continue. We need to show that this is unacceptable. 

Gather Saturday 2pm May 8th in Trafalgar Square to demand fair votes. 

This must be the last election under our broken system.  

No more wasted votes. No more stitch ups. 

A large coalition of organisations, from the greens to the labour movement, to faith groups and community activists, are joining the call for change. 

People are organising through Facebook - with smaller demos being organised across the UK as well. Join on Facebook and invite your friends.

We will gather Saturday 2pm in Trafalgar Square to demand the urgent change our democracy needs – wear purple, the colour of democracy and the franchise.

We need to seize this moment to push for the urgent reform our democracy needs.

About the author

Guy Aitchison is a political theorist and Irish Research Council postdoctoral fellow at University College Dublin. He specialises in human rights, democratic theory and political resistance and is currently conducting a research project on migrant political activism. You can follow him @GuyAitchison and read more about his research here.

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