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Writing for openDemocracy

How to make an unsolicited submission

Copyright & syndication

What our authors say

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Writing for openDemocracy

> openDemocracy publishes writing in English from all corners of the world, and from all types of people - from career academics to PhD students, writers of repute to aspiring journalists, representatives of international NGOs to previously unheard voices from around the world.

> All our authors have their own openDemocracy biography page, with as much information as they want to provide.

> You can search our alphabetical Author index here.


How to make an unsolicited submission

> Please try and keep article length to 800-1200 words

> Please familiarise yourself with our content. It is useful to check previous coverage of the topic you are addressing, so your submission complements rather than duplicates it.

> We do not accept submissions sent simultaneously to several publications, as we prefer not to reproduce material available elsewhere.

> Please tell us if your article has been published elsewhere, either on the web or in print, providing links if possible.

> If you are responding to an article published on our site, please consider posting your response in our forums, or as a comment on the article itself.

A wide range of people post in openDemocracy's forums and the best posts can be featured on our frontpage and in our email updates.

> We serve a global audience. So, please avoid references to region-specific arguments, institutions or artefacts without providing a simple explanation for a non-regional audience.

> Please supply us with any links that provide context, explanation or further reading for your piece.

> If this is the first time you are writing for us, please supply a biography with any links you feel are appropriate and, if possible, a .jpg image of yourself. Read examples of our author pages.

Please use the Submit an article link at the top of the page to send us your submission.

openDemocracy responds individually to all unsolicited submissions, so please bear with us if it takes us some time to get back to you.


Copyright & syndication

>With almost all the material published on openDemocracy, copyright remains with the author.

To assure our writers gain as much exposure as possible around the world, openDemocracy has adopted a Creative Commons licence for much of its content.

openDemocracy assumes the right to syndicate your writing around the world for one year after publication. Any revenue generated is shared equally between openDemocracy and the author.

We further assume the right to include your work in other re-publication agreements, such those with academic institutions, and in our printed journal publications.

> Requests to authors

Syndication provides extra revenue for openDemocracy, revenue which helps maintain openDemocracy's high quality work and independence. It also provides the opportunity for openDemocracy to continue to expand its readership.

We therefore request that if writers are approached by any publication or website wishing to reprint their work, that they send an email to

and openDemocracy can negotiate fees and handle administration.


What our authors say

"Writing for openDemocracy gives me a remarkable opportunity to provide contemporary analysis on security issues for many thousands of informed people across the world. Because it is so international, openDemocracy involves a much wider readership than any one journal or even newspaper, and its open access policy means that the worldwide range of writers is permanently available to a worldwide audience, many of whom participate in the discussion forums.

"I find it hugely satisfying because it goes far beyond the readerships that most academics can reach. It is a demanding process and means that you really have to be on top of your subject, but the reward of being able to engage with opinion formers, journalists, teachers, students and many others more than compensates for that."

Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University

"I write for openDemocracy for the same reasons I read it: its internationalism, its rigour of thought and the astonishing wealth of wisdom and debate in its pages. Writing for such a challenging audience and in the company of such excellent writers has a way of pulling your best work from you.

"As a hack, writing for openDemocracy has two juicy advantages. The first is that it is very difficult to persuade the news editor of a British tabloid to take 1,000 words on the injustices of global trade rules. Secondly (and this is not for the faint-hearted), the readers do not suffer fools gladly, if at all."

Tom Burgis, freelance journalist


Data protection

openDemocracy never gives out email addresses or other contact details of any of the authors we publish.

Our policy when approached for author contact is to forward the request to the author.

We ask that you provide us with contact details that reflect the often very short lead in times of the broadcast media. If you do not check your emails regularly, please provide us with a telephone number.

We encourage anyone to comment, please consult the
oD commenting guidelines if you have any questions.