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What is happening in Greece?

About the author
  • Editor Nikos Konstandaras points to the State's double humiliation: it killed an innocent; it failed to contain street violence.
  • Malcolm Brabant at the BBC describes the culture of protest that has grown up in the Greek polytechnics since 1973.
  • Kostas Gemenis asks why a romanticisation of self-styled anarchist political violence  has survived in Greece longer than anywhere else in Europe: there ought to have been reform of both education and police.
  • The AP reports spreading anarchist-style violence in Spain, France and Denmark.
  • Giorgos Markakis offers an angry, tactical interpretation of events from the perspective of an opposition activist.
  • London-based journalist  Teo Kermeliotis echoes Gemenis in emphasising the frustration felt by highly qualified young Greeks in the face of nepotism and corruption.
  • Alexis,  a young protester  from Thessaloniki watches the take-over of peaceful protests by violent extremists.

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