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About Arianna Giovannini

Dr Arianna Giovannini is a Researcher at SPERI (Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute), University of Sheffield. Her research interests centre on devolution, constitutional change and democracy. Currently her work concentrates on the tensions between technocratic and democratic approaches to devolution in the context of the ‘City Deals’ and ‘Northern Powerhouse’ agenda, as well as on the link between territorial identity and devolution in the North. She is on Twitter @AriannaGi

Articles by Arianna Giovannini

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Behold the 'Manchester Withington question'

'English Votes for English Laws' is supposed to answer the 'West Lothian question' – yet the government's English devolution policy is recreating the same question in a new form.

Devolution in the North of England: time to bring the people into the debate?

The referendum in Scotland is creating impetus for a redistribution of power within England. But who will determine the shape of this - Westminster, local elites or local citizens?

Arrivederci, Veneto?

What was behind the "unofficial" referendum on Venetian independence? Why was it so popular? And could we soon be saying arrivederci to Veneto?

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