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About Carl Walker

Dr Carl Walker leads a European Community Psychology Association Task Force on Austerity and Mental health and is a member of the National Health Action Party.

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

David Cameron’s brave new world of private mental health care

The crisis in mental health care is no accident.

Jeremy Hunt launches doctor morale inquiry - here's a sneak preview of its findings...

On the day he imposed a morale-busting contract on junior doctors, the health secretary also announced... an urgent inquiry into the state of doctor's morale. Beyond satire? 

The Department of Health Christmas party

Join Jeremy and colleagues down at the bowling alley for some festive fun...

The emergency budget - is it time to chain up 11 Downing Street to stop it poisoning us with 'austerity'?

'Austerity' is as discredited an approach to twenty-first century ills, as the 'miasma' theory was to nineteenth century ones. But where are our modern John Snows?

A dance of destitution - psychology's clash over coercion

Job centres are becoming gladiatorial arenas where unemployed people and professionals slug it out, whilst the ethical battle rages.

The George Osborne drinking game - the new way to enjoy 'austerity'

Once again this weekend we've heard that £13bn of cuts to social security and £22bn of NHS cuts are imminent. Osborne says "we all know" that early cuts give a "smoother ride". But do we?

NHS pledges - do even the politicians making them, believe them anymore?

Recent history suggests NHS pledges are there to be broken - or subverted. Perhaps voters would prefer less manifesto, and more information on the financial interests driving policy making. 

David Cameron, England's NHS, and the tiger in the bathroom

As it becomes impossible to deny the devastation being wreaked on the National Health Service by 2012's Health & Social Care Act, who is really pledging to fix it?

Carnival of incompetence - or, how nobody knows how to privatise a health service well

Recent experiences show no-one knows how to privatise bits of the English Health Service without damaging the parts - like A&E - that are left behind. 

Life, the universe, and the NHS crisis

The NHS is in crisis like never before - but the political game ignores the real causes of the problem.

Four reasons Nick Clegg is no mental health saviour

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has some nerve to appoint himself the champion of the mentally ill.

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