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Caroline Lucas is the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion.

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

How do we ensure that Project Hope overcomes Project Fear?

Caroline Lucas’s speech to The Convention: Think Anew, Act Anew, Another Vote is Possible, London, 11 January 2019

We have the answers to Brexit’s causes

British voters were right to demand radical change – those in power owe them action to rebalance our unequal society.

The government must come clean about its secret wars

How the British government is using a Special Forces loophole to wage war without democratic oversight.

Acid attacks are on the rise – the government must act now

Perpetrators of hate crime and gang violence are turning to easily available weapons. Muslim communities are frightened.

Why isn't the full electoral registration process online?

People are being turned away at polling stations because the electoral registration process is stuck in the 20th century.

Recuperemos nuestros medios

Periódicos racistas, noticias falsas - ¿ya has tenido suficiente? openDemocracy se enfrenta a los déspotas del mundo, da voz a los más débiles y promueve un debate sensible e inteligente. Únete a nosotros hoy.

Let's take back our media

Racist newspapers, fake news – had enough? openDemocracy takes on the world’s bullies, gives voice to the powerless and hosts sensitive, intelligent debate. Join us today.

Podcast: Lexit or Lemain: Caroline Lucas and John Hilary debate how the left should vote

The Green MP and War on Want director are usually on the same side. But they'll be voting different ways on the EU. Here, they debate why.

Another Europe is Possible: exclusive interviews

Our exclusive video interviews with some of the main speakers at Another Europe is Possible

'We need to be in the EU in order to beat TTIP'

Caroline Lucas' speech at the Another Europe is Possible event in London. (Video)

We must remain in the EU to protect our environment

Environmental problems don't queue politely waiting for their passports to be checked.

The Tories stole the NHS Bill debate from the public but the Bill to save our NHS won't go away

The NHS Bill has too much support from patients and doctors to be defeated by a few Tory filibusters. It will be back.

Why I have removed my backing for an NHS commission

The proposed 'NHS Commission' lacks red lines on the founding principles of the NHS - that it is comprehensive and publicly funded - and so risks becoming a vehicle for privateers.

It's time to make the progressive case for staying in the EU

Britain's exit from the EU wouldn't liberate us from neoliberalism. Only joint struggles across borders can do that.

Postcapitalism: is it what we Greens have always been arguing for?

The UK's Green MP reviews Paul Mason's new book on the end of capitalism and what should replace it.

To save our health service MPs must stand together and back the NHS Reinstatement Bill

The Bill, which was last week backed by the British Medical Association, seeks to reinstate the NHS based on its founding principles and rid our health service of the inefficiencies and fragmentation of the market. 

The fight against fracking continues

Britain's only Green MP writes about her acquital after being arrested for blockading the entrance to a fracking site in Balcomb, Sussex.

We must protect NHS democracy

As the Green Party Spring Conference kicks off in Liverpool today, Caroline Lucas MP writes exclusively for OurNHS about the threats to NHS democracy in England.

Caroline Lucas on the Parliamentary Voting and Constituencies Bill

Caroline Lucas MP had prepared a speech for the Second Reading debate on the Parliamentary Voting and Constituencies Bill, but was not called by the Speaker to give it. Here, with Caroline's permission, OurKingdom publishes the speech she would have delivered calling for a proportional option and condemning the "old politics" of the Coalition's restrictive referendum.
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