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About Hania Sholkamy

Hania Sholkamy is an anthropologist and Associate Profressor at the Social Research Centre, American University in Cairo

Articles by Hania Sholkamy

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Egypt speaks to an international audience

Collusion and confusion: Hania Sholkamy asks whether the international community will meet the challenge of democracy in Egypt?

Myopic Morsi and oblivious Obama: counting the costs of autocracy

President Morsi’s ill-advised and badly executed attempts to concentrate power in his hands will exact high moral, economic and psychological costs while the US administration looks on, says Hania Sholkamy.

Egypt: will there be a place for women's human rights?

In the days ahead a struggle looms over women's human rights and gender justice in Egypt. Will the Muslim Sisters rise to the occasion?

Why women are at the heart of Egypt’s political trials and tribulations

The Egyptian elections delivered a parliament that has one of the lowest rates of female representation in the world. Yet this is the parliament that expresses the political will of the people of Egypt. It may also be one that ignores the social realities of gender and of women’s political participation, says Hania Sholkamy

From Tahrir square to my kitchen

Despite the vibrancy of mobilization in Egypt after Mubarak, Hania Sholkamy’s account of the 8th of March demonstration in Tahrir square to mark International Women's day bears witness to the persistent resistance to women’s political participation

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