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About Jennifer Rosenbaum

Jennifer (JJ) Rosenbaum is the founding Legal and Policy Director of the National Guestworker Alliance, a US-based, cross-sectoral membership organisation of temporary foreign workers which advocates for better migration policy and improved workplace standards. For the 2015-2016 academic year, she is also Robina Human Rights Fellow at the Schell Center for Human Rights at Yale Law School.

Articles by Jennifer Rosenbaum

This week’s front page editor


Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Big brands: the missing voice in the fight to end gender-based violence at work

New research shows why multinational corporations should support a ILO convention to stop gender-based violence in the workplace.

Interview: the struggle for migrant workers' rights

How can migrant workers protect their rights when they are often excluded from collective action?

Voices from the supply chain: an interview with the National Guestworker Alliance

BTS speaks with JJ Rosenbaum of the National Guestworker Alliance on ways to protect workers in global supply chains, including a global minimum wage.

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