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About Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox is a writer, journalist and consultant. He is also co-founder of Democracia Abierta.

Jeremy Fox es escritor, periodista y consultor; y es cofundador de Democracia Abierta.


Articles by Jeremy Fox

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why shouldn’t Venezuela take back control too?

Economic crisis, western hostility and Venezuela's Presidential Election, as observed by a sympathetic election monitor.

Vladimir Putin, Henry II and the power of words…

Throughout history, power-intoxicated leaders haven’t needed to personally authorise assassinations – cold rhetoric has given subalterns enough licence. Putin himself, meanwhile, is a prisoner of the savage world he nominally oversees.

Who’ll help the homeless this winter? The police? The NHS? The army?

A winter walk in the park brings a sorrowful and reflective encounter.

“I’m really just a slave” – how hotel chains exploit agency loopholes and dehumanise workers

Alenka, like so many others, hopes for a better life but is caught up in a catch-22, valued only for the absence of a smudge on a bathroom mirror.

Catalonia and Spain: a view from the region's backcountry

“We lost against Aragón in the 15th century, against the Bourbons in the 18th century, and against Franco in the last century. We’re accustomed to losing. And if we fight Madrid, we’ll doubtless lose again.”

At Labour’s Conference I heard the voices of the poor, the oppressed, the ignored, and the patronised

Labour’s conference may not yet have delivered a fully perfected programme – but hearing working class voices everywhere was a breath of fresh air, despite the media sneers.

On Anthony Barnett’s ‘Lure of Greatness’

In the era of Brexit and Trump, if another world is possible, what should it look like? Jeremy Fox finds much to praise in Barnett's timely new study - but also interrogates the book's interpretations of nationalism and neoliberalism.

The Currency of Localism

Two or three times a year, I drive back and forth between London and Valencia - a family responsibility that is no less pleasurable for being tiring.  Whenever possible on these three-day journeys I ...

Venezuela's struggle is also ours

Where, exactly, is the pressure on British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to condemn the Venezuelan government coming from?

On becoming the worst president

A tale of woe explaining just how high this particular bar is. Español

Convertirse en el peor presidente de los Estados Unidos

La administración Trump podría muy bien terminar siendo no mucho peor para la humanidad en general que las administraciones que le han precedido.English

On becoming the worst president

The Trump administration may well end up being no worse for humanity at large than the administrations that have preceded it. Español 

How Sandra Mendoza and Veliama Sivaganam came up with Net Economic Outcome

During recent conversation about Brexit, Trump, and widespread public dissatisfaction with the status quo in the US , Europe and elsewhere, I was reminded of a piece I wrote some years ago as part of ...

England has been resenting Europe for a very long time

England's vote to leave the EU is an echo of events long ago...

Shakespeare the revolutionary

England's bard saw everyone as a whole human. That makes his plays great: and makes him a great revolutionary.

Right to left, or left to right?

Much left-wing commentary would have us believe that Trump’s elevation signals the end of days. But the many who feel marginalised by the relentless march of neoliberalism may beg to differ.

Immigration isn't to blame for Brexit

David Elstein's recent article on the EU referendum misinterpreted the link between immigration, deprivation, and the 'Leave' verdict.

Referendum blow back

Britain needs to reassemble its politics.

Britain needs to have a word with itself about immigration

A short look at our own history makes the Leave campaign's rhetoric seem particularly distasteful.

Brexit bunkum II – the professors and their pamphlet

The "Economists for Brexit" pamphlet is riddled with nonsense.

Brexit Bunkum

Dispelling some prime nonsense from the campaign to leave the EU.

Britain and the EU: a gulf in understanding

The UK's differences with the European Union can be found buried in her legal systems, and what they teach her about how to treat rules...

Googling Google – what tax do they owe?

Exact figures are hard to pin down, intentionally so. But it appears George Osborne celebrated a tax contribution from Google that was less than a tenth of what should have been owed.

"Neoliberalism" is it?

What are we talking about exactly, and why is this causing so much discussion?

Enquanto o mundo assiste há 59,5 milhões de deslocados internos na terra

Uns 6 milhões de Colombianos fazem com que o segundo país do mundo com mais deslocados internos (DIs) por motivos de violência não esteja no Médio-Oriente, mas sim na América Latina. Español. English.

Mientras el mundo anda mirando, hay 59,5 millones de desplazados internos en la tierra

Unos 6 millones de colombianos hacen que el segundo país del mundo con más desplazados internos (DIs) por motivos de violencia no esté en Oriente Medio, sino en América Latina. Português. English.

While the world watches

Internally Displaced People occupy a much smaller place than refugees in the conscience of the world. They should not go unnoticed.

Uma rebelião grega

Ao que estamos a fazer frente na crise grega é a uma inacreditável corrupção moral a grande escala. English

La rebelión griega

A lo que estamos haciendo frente en la crisis griega es a una asombrosa corrupción moral a gran escala. English

A Greek rebellion

What we are confronting in the Greek crisis is moral corruption on a breathtaking scale. Español

Our electoral system is failing us

A proportional voting system would give us a parliament full of vitality. Instead we’ve got a two-tone debating chamber and a government of thin legitimacy.

Being 'MargaretHodged'

Hodge, chair of Britain's PAC, attacks individuals and organisations with the impunity afforded by parliamentary privilege. What happens when she gets it wrong? Nothing.

Estado de violencia

¿Existe alguna manera de resolver esta aparentemente insoluble ola de violencia y criminalidad en México? Se han propuesto muchas salidas, pero en verdad nadie tiene la solución. Publicado previamente en openSecurity. English

State of violence

Is there any way of resolving the seemingly intractable wave of violence and criminality in Mexico? Many solutions have been proposed, but in truth no one has an answer. Español.

'Respect' for religion is often simply tyranny backed by violence

The monotheistic religions have a rich history of slaughter and butchery. Far better that we try to respect each other as human beings.

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