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About Jos Bell

Jos Bell is a social economist and researcher who has a wide public sector background, working at national level in the fields of family & community services, the NHS & public health. She writes on health and disability issues.

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Admiral Jeremy is not so admirable

Just how did we end up with this most unsuitable health secretary?

Jeremy Hunt faces a formidable opponent in new shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander

Corbyn's shadow cabinet appointment to the key NHS portfolio has already earned her NHS spurs - and will be a reminder to Hunt of his defeat by Lewisham campaigners.

NHS protest camp and a new Jarrow march - whatever it takes to save our hospitals

Late summer brings a surge of protest against plans to close down swathes of hospital provision, even as its revealed a growing lack of beds means patients are waiting hours in ambulances.

Tory links of health agencies exposed as Hunt lines up next NHS sell-off in England

Whilst understaffed wards and surgeries turn to well-connected private sector agencies to fill the gaps created by Cameron's health 'reforms', the NHS's own in-house recruitment agency is to be sold off, it has emerged.

Don't close our hospitals on the quiet, protesters tell Health Secretary

From Yorkshire to London, hospitals are under threat - and the government is trying to make them far easier to close on the quiet.

Get your Clause off our hospitals

The House of Lords has blown a hole in local people's right to have a say if their hospital is closed - all eyes are now on the Commons.

Fast-track hospital closures tagged onto Care Bill

MPs are gearing up for a furore as the government attempts to introduce a new law to fast-track hospital closures across the country, against the will of local populations.

Has Jeremy Hunt acted outside the law? - Part 2

Day two and three of the court challenge to the decision to close swathes of Lewisham Hospital.

Has Jeremy Hunt acted outside the law?

The first day of a significant High Court challenge - has Jeremy Hunt acted outside the law in closing swathes of Lewisham Hospital?

London's hospital campaigners march on Downing Street

A&E departments across London are already overstretched - but nearly half of them are now threatened with closures, and undermined by privatisation. This Saturday, hospital campaigners from across London join up to march on Downing Street.

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