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About Magda Adamowicz

Magda Adamowicz is a Senior Program Specialist at the Open Society Foundations and has worked around the globe on supporting human rights groups and networks of defenders in building effective protection and security strategies.

Magda Adamowicz es especialista de programas sénior en las Open Society Foundations y ha trabajado por todo el mundo apoyando a agrupaciones de derechos humanos y redes de defensores a desarrollar estrategias eficaces de seguridad y protección.


Articles by Magda Adamowicz

This week’s editor

Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Security and well-being: two sides of the same coin

By not paying enough attention to self-care, activists are compromising their own security—and that of their organizations. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on mental health and well-being. Español.

Seguridad y bienestar: dos caras de la misma moneda

Al no prestar suficiente atención a cuidar de sí mismos, los activistas ponen en riesgo su propia seguridad, y la de sus organizaciones. Una contribución al debate de openGlobalRights sobre la salud mental y el bienestar. English.

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