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Nick Dearden is director of Global Justice Now.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

The WTO matters more than ever - here's what you need to know about its summit

Is a neoliberal dream being reborn in Latin America? It’s not got off to the best of starts…

Our constitution is being rewritten – the time to fight is now

Our constitution is being rewritten by perhaps the most right-wing government in modern British history, propped up by an even more fanatical party, the DUP. This week, despite an orchestrated campaig...

Theresa May did not win a majority for her Brexit of deregulation. We can’t allow her to take it forward

May may have failed to secure a mandate for her extreme version of Brexit, low-tax, low regulation Britain, but yesterday she set out a programme to take it forwards nonetheless.

Trump, Trade & War: the urgent need for a progressive trade policy

Donald Trump’s latest Executive Order, issued last week, could foreshadow a dangerous trade war with China and the European Union. It suggests that the nationalists in his administration have got th...

The EU referendum matters for Global Justice Now. Here’s why.

We spend our time fighting against EU policies. But now, we're campaigning to stay in.

If the next Labour leader wants a fairer society, they must break the big business stranglehold on politics

Labour’s challenge to fight inequalities and rebuild democracy rests on addressing Britain’s ‘finance curse’

Greece is for sale – and everything must go

Why does this matter? First because it makes no sense to sell off valuable assets in the middle of Europe’s worst depression in 70 years.

The great TTIP debate that never was

The postponement of last week’s debate denied MEPs the chance to lay out their red lines on the controversial US-EU trade deal.

Foreign aid is not dispensable. It’s the condition for a fairer future

UKIP among others treat foreign aid as if it were inconsequential charity. Cutting this budget, however, effects us all - rendering the world a more unequal place. 

SYRIZA provides an opportunity that is only given once in every generation

Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now, discusses debt cancellation, EU reform and what a Syriza victory means for the anti-austerity movement in Europe.

Does the European Commission understand NO?

Despite an overwhelming rejection from the public, the European Commission wants to plough ahead with the EU/US Trade Deal.

It’s time to radically reduce inequality

The 66 richest people in the world have the same wealth as the 3.5bn poorest.

Labour and TTIP: things just got worse

The Labour Party has just changed its position on TTIP - for the worse.

30 years on: Ethiopia and the business of hunger

30 years after images of Ethiopian famine haunted British TV screens, they still shape how we see Africa - and ensure we fail to understand.

The Transatlantic Trade Deal: a project of the 1%

The EU/US trade deal (TTIP) is a vast power grab on behalf of the world's biggest corporations, and there's still time to stop it.

Cameron's government sided with the speculators - and lost

In the teeth of oppostion from the British government, the EU has agreed regulations to curb gambling on food prices.

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