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About Paul Hobday

Dr Paul Hobday was a GP for over 30 years. He resigned last year to spend more time fighting the increasing privatisation of the NHS, and is a General Election candidate for the NHS Action Party in Maidstone. 

Articles by Paul Hobday

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The NHS - is it all about the money, money, money?

As Jeremy Hunt and Simon Stevens appear before the Health Select Committee in an emergency session on NHS finances, Paul Hobday explains why 'where's the money coming from' is the wrong question.

Seven things the private healthcare insurance adverts won't tell you

The NHS financial crisis is being used by healthcare insurers to try and sell their products - but what are the risks?

Is the NHS funding crisis opening the door to poorly regulated private hospitals?

Jeremy Hunt is crying crocodile tears on patient safety - squeezing patients out of the NHS and towards private hospitals that are a 'black hole' of information.

What doctors know - in England and in America

The NHS was set up to ensure doctors put patients before profits. But that is now being rapidly undermined in favour of a US-style system.

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