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About Pere Vilanova

Pere Vilanova is a professor of political science and government at the University of Barcelona. He comments regularly on international politics in media organisations.

Articles by Pere Vilanova

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Catalonia referendum: a reality check

Optimism among Catalans after Sunday's vote should not disguise the significant challenges ahead if anything is to come from their "non-referendum consultation".

Catalonia’s sovereignist process: the moment of truth

The breach of the social contract is devastating. And it’s not exclusive to Catalonia and its sovereignist process—it goes much further.

Drones: who wants what and why?

The use of drones responds to a simple equation: fewer casualties of one’s own soldiers and maximisation of enemy casualties. And it’s also about selling the idea that the more technology involved, the ‘cleaner’ the war.

Catalonia: the case for glocal rethink

We do not know which classes are at loggerheads. We have to engage in a profound rethinking of one of the greatest mutations of the last decades: the true complexity of our contemporary societies.

Catalonia-Spain: Deadlock

September 11: the world - and Spain - is taken by surprise with the images of over a million people marching down through the streets of Barcelona, peacefully, in a very calm and cheerful mood, with no incidents whatsoever – in itself marking quite a distinctive exception to the trend in these years – but claiming nothing less than In-de-pen-den-cia, Independence.

May and Spain's Bermuda Triangle

Real Democracy Now, if it had done nothing else, has rescued a supine Spanish electorate from the stultifying boredom of the recent election period. However, people still turned out to vote. So what’s new?

Milton Wolff, salud!

A militant of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade who fought against fascism in Spain's civil war is remembered by Pere Vilanova.

The right side of the mirror

Pere Vilanova’s personal journey includes family exile, underground activism in Franco’s Spain, and the murder of friends by terrorists. He reflects on its lessons for a just response to violence.

The good, the bad, and the unjust

Can this United Nations reform process last longer than its predecessors? Only if it learns the lessons of history and power, says Pere Vilanova.

Indonesian democracy: lessons for the west

Indonesia has just completed its third peaceful election since the end of the long Suharto dictatorship in 1998. For this European observer, the recent experience of the world’s largest Muslim country offers the rest of the world lessons in democratic practice and human solidarity.

Aznar versus the people: a Spanish divorce?

The Spanish government ignored its people’s almost universal opposition to war in Iraq. This, itself the latest in a series of convulsive internal crises, raises serious questions about Spain’s political direction and even the commitment to democracy of its prime minister, Jose Maria Aznar. As a crucial election cycle approaches, will the bond between a troubled Spain and a hawkish US be renewed or broken?
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