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About Refaat Mohamed

Refaat Mohamed is a Cairo based marketing and innovation graduate, freelance writer, music and film buff, and a social observer

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This week’s front page editor

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

“So Egypt, what exactly do you want?"

Stuck between a rock and a hard place the Egyptian people have been juggling between quasi-civil rulers, and military rule since JAN 25.

Talateen seta

The '30-June', (or 'talateen seta' as it is in Arabic), is a password that you can depend on every time to discharge an endless volley of complaints and political theories and speculations. Not everybody is against Morsi and the Brotherhood...

Me and the Copts Part One

“My name is Ahmed, this is my brother Mahmoud, and this is Hany, and that last kid is Christian”

Thrift shops tell you something

In Egypt we have a lot of people who are dirt poor, and a thin stratum that has lavish spending habits. They spend their money on things that are trivial and just plain inconsiderate when it comes to their fellow citizens.

Mubarak is a state of mind

Youths would just waste their lives away, willingly or unwillingly, it did not matter much: what mattered was that their lives were wasted. It was wasted on drugs, drowning in the sea while following a mirage, following false leaders.

Dancing in Muqattam

An everyday story of life in Egypt.


When I can’t die

I grew up in a family that has been fanatical about death, although they claim the contrary. They took being concerned about death to a whole, other, unhealthy level.

Egypt: taking people for fools

They justify, and justify, and cannot stop justifying, and I think the fact that someone needs to justify everything he does, means that something is wrong.

National myth in Egypt

Unless we, the people, and the regime that is in charge of the country, admit that we are very close to rock bottom, we had better be prepared to face the dire consequences.

Who to blame and what to hope for

What is unique and difficult about this new chapter in the developing saga is that it is the Egyptian people fighting each other.

On the subject of pornography: what the politicians are up to

Don’t they realize that once they start prosecuting people for breaching these rules, this is just the beginning of a vicious downward cycle? And that there is a lot depending on such decisions?

For lack of a leader in Egypt

Mohamed ElBaradei represents the underground culture more clearly than any underground starving hip hop artist, or indie rocker who has refused to compromise.

Plus ça change: Egypt

The way they have reacted on several issues gives the impression that what they are working to achieve is a pre-revolution Egypt, except with Mubarak’s NDP replaced with a new Islamic NDP.

Egypt: a civilian, democratically elected president at last

The whole situation is like if you have a girlfriend that you want to dump and she gets you the new iphone5 so now you can’t dump her!

Egyptian moderation and doing as you would be done by

The son of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi argues that the minute you leave the confines of your home, it is no longer just a matter of belief or worship. Faith becomes a political threat.

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