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About Sidney Blumenthal

Sidney Blumenthal is an author and journalist. He is former assistant and senior adviser to President Bill Clinton.

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Claire Provost

Claire Provost is editor of 50.50 covering gender, sexuality and social justice.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The strange death of Republican America

The United States president has been near-invisible in the election of his successor. But it is a referendum on his rule all the same, says Sidney Blumenthal.

The choice

Two models of the United States presidency are at odds in the 2008 election, says Sidney Blumenthal in - as he explains - his last column for a while.

Walter Lippmann and American journalism today

"For in an exact sense the present crisis of western democracy is a crisis of journalism." The professional collapse of the American news media makes the work of its pioneering analyst ever more relevant, says Sidney Blumenthal.

Taxi to the Dark Side: an open letter

An acclaimed documentary film tracks the grisly journey of the George W Bush administration into the world of torture. Sidney Blumenthal invites Karen Hughes, senior official responsible for defending America's image in the world, to a private screening in Washington.

Dan Rather, CBS, and George W Bush

A famous broadcast journalist is preparing to expose his former employer's cravenness and self-censorship over the United States president's Vietnam-war record, reports Sidney Blumenthal.

The American politics of Iraqi war

The Congressional testimony of the United States military commander in Iraq confirms that the "surge" is designed to serve George W Bush's domestic political ends, says Sidney Blumenthal.

After the White House: discordant tunes, fading glory

A war of personal-political memory is shadowing the slow disintegration of the Bush White House, reports Sidney Blumenthal.

Colin Powell’s responsibility

The then United States secretary of state Colin Powell played a key role in making the case for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. Will he now speak out against the neocon manipulation of the administration he served, asks Sidney Blumenthal.

The politics of protection

The manipulative partisanship that was central to the Bush-Cheney team's Iraq project from the outset is undiminished, says Sidney Blumenthal.

Lady Bird Johnson: a political journey

The wife of Lyndon B Johnson made her own contribution to her husband's pioneering civil-rights agenda, says Sidney Blumenthal.

A legal noose around Bush

A devastating ruling from a conservative court has demolished George W Bush's "war paradigm", writes Sidney Blumenthal.

The Libby cabal

The letters of support for disgraced White House aide I Lewis Libby reveal the shrinking of the neo-conservative mind.

Bush's royal crush

The White House welcome to Britain’s queen was in keeping with the character of his presidency, says Sidney Blumenthal.

Bush's soft-focus hard-edge

George W Bush’s infatuation with the kitsch landscape of the American west lit the path to Abu Ghraib, says Sidney Blumenthal.

The Republicans' grand experiment

George W Bush's agenda has been to turn the entire federal government into the instrument of a one-party state, says Sidney Blumenthal.

Bush besieged

The United States president's response to scrutiny of his administration's behaviour confirms his imperiousness, says Sidney Blumenthal.

The Republican subversion of law

The Bush administration's treatment of United States attorneys is the logical outcome of a long Republican effort to distort the constitutional framework in the interest of partisan consolidation of power, says Sidney Blumenthal.

Dick Cheney in Afghanistan: close to home

The United States mission in Afghanistan has been undermined by the Bush administration’s diversion to Iraq, says Sidney Blumenthal.

The United States vs I Lewis Libby

The I Lewis Libby trial shines a remorseless spotlight on the United States vice-president, reports Sidney Blumenthal.

The Libby trial: contortions of power

The White House leaking of information to discredit opponents before the Iraq war lays bare its cynical, manipulative culture, says Sidney Blumenthal.

Washington's political cleansing

White House manoeuvring around the Baker report and the Iraq military "surge" has shifted the administration's power balance, says Sidney Blumenthal.

Jeane Kirkpatrick, shadow of the present

The influential work of a neo-conservative pioneer is an ironic commentary on the failures of her successors, says Sidney Blumenthal.

Bush's bunker of dreams

The White House reaction to the Iraq Study Group is a telling illustration of the president's imperviousness to independent advice, says Sidney Blumenthal.

'The Looming Tower,' Lawrence Wright

Sidney Blumenthal recommends Lawrence Wright's compelling history of the al-Qaida movement.

Rupert Murdoch's debasing taste

The embarrassment over his company's OJ Simpson book project illuminates the media tycoon's corrosive influence on the public realm in the United States and beyond, says Sidney Blumenthal.

The Republican implosion

The defeat of the Republicans in the US mid-term elections was also a judgment on the nature of the cultural war waged against their enemies, says Sidney Blumenthal.

Bush's choice, Baker's move

The contest over the future of United States policy in Iraq will intensify after the mid-term elections, says Sidney Blumenthal.

The Bob Woodward version

The tangled story of investigative journalist Bob Woodward's relationship with the Bush administration reveals the White House's subtle entrapment of his form of reportage, says Sidney Blumenthal.

A state of denial

The story of a security document assessing the predicament of the United States in Iraq is a chapter in the Bush administration's political use of national intelligence, says Sidney Blumenthal.

Neocon fantasy, Iraqi reality

The story of Baghdad's "green zone" cocoon reveals the neo-conservative dreamworld inhabited by the leading agents of President Bush's "war on terror", writes Sidney Blumenthal.

A pattern of calamity: 9/11, Katrina, Iraq

The Bush administration's political dependence on frayed narratives and tired formulae is a reminder of its history of squandered opportunity, says Sidney Blumenthal.

Bush's field theory of fear

The United States president's flawed understanding of the global war on terror connects Israel's strategic debacle in Lebanon with the US's in Iraq, says Sidney Blumenthal.

Bush's axis of failure

The neo-conservative dogma that has ruined Iraq is now being applied to the Lebanon war. The result could be a regional conflagration with untold consequences, writes Sidney Blumenthal.

The infallible president

George W Bush's latest travails reflect the crisis of the paranoid style that has sustained Republican one-party rule, says Sidney Blumenthal.
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