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About Sine Plambech

Dr. Sine Plambech is a Senior Researcher and Anthropologist at the Danish Institute for International Studies. She works on irregular migration, human trafficking, sex work, and documentary filmmaking in Thailand, Nigeria, Sicily and Denmark. She combines her academic work with being an activist, public commentator, and film director. Her acclaimed film HEARTBOUND on women’s migration recently had its international release. She has so far directed six award winning documentaries on the topics of international migration, sex work, and human trafficking. Follow her on Twitter @sineplambech.

Articles by Sine Plambech

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Sexelance: red lights on wheels

A converted ambulance, the Sexelance is a mobile sex clinic offering harm reduction to the street sex workers of Copenhagen.

My body is my piece of land

Stories of migrant sex workers often cast human smugglers as the villains, yet the biggest evil many migrants face is their hopeless debt in their home country.

Drowning mothers

As refugees try to cross the Mediterranean Sea - women are more likely to drown.

Human smugglers roundtable: Sine Plambech

When happiness is a daughter in Europe, anti-trafficking policies don’t save you.

Becky is dead

Becky’s life represents the world in microcosm. She isn’t the first of the migrants I’ve worked with to have died and will unlikely be the last. Becky was 28 years old.

Violence in the safety of home: life in Nigeria after selling sex in Europe

Many women find themselves returning to situations of everyday violence after being ‘saved’ from selling sex in Europe. Why are some types of suffering seen as more legitimate than others?

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