climate change and the UK election

12 April 2005
As Britain gears up for a general election on 5 May, the Green Party is the latest to unveil their manifesto. The Greens put climate change at the top of their agenda, in contrast to the three biggest political parties, which hardly mention climate change:

Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have each has produced a list of the areas they feel will invigorate an increasingly apathetic electorate and, despite the growing awareness and concern over environmental issues, and the numerous national headlines that climate change and global warming have produced, not one of them has seen fit to make this a key election battleground".

Of the seven policy areas highlighted by the Conservatives, the six pledges made by Labour and the 'Ten Reasons to vote Liberal Democrat', only one mentions the environment at all. The Liberal Democrats put a commitment to 'cleaner transport and cleaner energy' at number five on their list.

On their own most optimistic reckoning, the Greens think they could win one seat in the 659 seat House of Commons.

Caspar Henderson

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