oD visits No. 10

4 July 2005


The Prime Minister is not famous for reading policy papers. It is not that he is a potato, it is just that he prefers meeting on the couch and doing without the embarrassment of minutes that come back to bite you.

Nonetheless, his policy advisors do read. At least they do until they get into the House of Lords. So we decided to give them a copy of the openDemocracy debate on the politics of climate change.

Here is where to find a brilliant neat summary by Caspar Henderson, its tenacious and knowledgeable editor. He gives his best eight for quick dippers and analyses how six major themes are addressed: science and uncertainty; the rights and wrongs of Kyoto and after; global justice and development; technical and policy challenges; arts and imagination; and how to create more environmentally friendly cities.

My part was to hand it in to No 10 with Fernanda Ferretti so that Tony Blair’s environment specialists will have it in their luggage when they go to Gleneagles for the G8. Will it stiffen their spines when the leaders meet, will it convince George Bush? Be careful, cynicism is known to increase people's carbon emissions.





photographs by Jonathan Nunn.

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