Agents stormed Ganji's house!

8 August 2005

Following the reports reports the storming of Ganji's house by agents, Massoumeh Sahfiei, Ganji's wife, in a talk with Emrouz revealed some details of this raid: "Around 10am today (Monday) agents came to our house and demanded to enter and search the house. When we asked them to show a search warrant first, they threatened to break the door and force into the house if we don't open up. These people included Ganji's guards at Milad hospital and were commanded by a person called "Movahed". As soon as they entered the house they started to use foul language and treated us badly and insulted us as they searched the house. In response to my protests, the two women that accompanied them attacked me such that my chador fell down and at this time the agents were filming and they handcuffed me to the bed and continued to film and search the house for two hours." She added: "In this brutal attack, the attackers took all documents, pamphlets, books and our computer. They even searched my daughters' dress closet." She emphasized: "We still do not exactly know what was taken away." She reported that ever since the raid the telephone line in their and neighboring houses are out and it is not possible to call Ganji's residence.

Ganji's case is developing rapidly and his wife and his lawyer, Shirin Ebadi, have asked him to end the hunger strike.

Both of them have been accused by Kehyan newspaper in plotting Ganji’s death so they can bring Iran’s human rights violations to the international level. Today Rooz Online has a report titled "Ganji was saved from death", that implies Ganji's strike is over, but it is not clear what the real situation is in the hospital.

The article raises a question regarding the timing of Judge Moghadas assassination, and it may be playing a role in the recent development to force Ganji break his hunger strike.

For updates in Ganji's case visit Release Ganji website.

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