Exposing Rafsanjani

24 May 2005

Many Iranian intellectuals have suggested not only boycotting the election but trying wipe out the perception that former president and current presidential candidate Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is a moderate. Earlier this month, Mr. Mehdi Karrubi, one of the newly qualified candidates, published an open letter to Rafsanjani asking him to come clean with his past.

Human rights activist, Mr. Hossien Bagher Zadeh suggests that in the next few weeks, the opposition should aggressively pursue a strategy to expose Rafsanjani's alleged involvement in human rights abuses and corruption for the past 26 years.


Exposing Rafsanjani is not a new idea, Akbar Ganji has been talking about it for the last 6-7 years. Mr. Ganji is one of Irans’ leading investigative journalists who was sentenced to ten years in prison for "undermining Iran’s security" by participating in a Berlin conference on reforms in Iran. In his most provocative articles he argued that there had been many political assassinations during Rafsanjani's presidency and that he must be investigated.

Will the opposition unite behind this strategy? We shall see...

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