With or without reformist candidate, this is not a real election

24 May 2005

Many Persian internet sites were quick to react angrily to Guardian Council's decision to eliminate the reformist candidate, Moin, from the race. Reformists slammed the disqualification as a "coup d'etat,". Wow! I was so surprised to see these sudden and quick reactions. As if assuming Moin was selected, then this election would have been fair and legitimate election.

Let's keep in mind, 1000 more were rejected including 89 women. The EU's spokesman reacted by saying that they were "disappointed" at the exclusion of reformist representatives. Who are we kidding? Why is everybody pretending that this election is a democratic process?

A popular Persian blogger, Pouya, summarized it better by saying, "without the complete people's direct participation, this process is no more than an internal deal making scheme, let's not pretend Iranian people are part of it." Another blogger thinks the whole thing is a game and says, "The GC would never make such a big decision without consulting with the Leader in advance to get his approval", but, yet Khatami acted as if he also was surprised by the outcome.

At the end, whatever game the GC plays, the turnout will still be low and the whole election will not be legitimate.

As someone said in this article, "Why should I care?” asked Haleh, 40. “It doesn’t matter who we vote for, the system will still stay the same. I prefer not to vote at all.”

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