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27 June 2005

Under a heavy cloud of accusations of vote rigging and while the international community tries to analyse the surprise election victory of Revolutionary Guards veteran Mahmood Ahmadi’nejad and its impact on nuclear negotiations ; Iran’s burgeoning blogsphere is full of chatter about the actual realities of living with a hardline win.


I want to congratulate Mr Ahmadi’nejad and remind him that I voted for him because of his esteemed goals of social justice and the fight against poverty.


I don’t regret not voting. I only wish that circumstances were different and my choice hadn’t been one between bad and worst.... If Ahmadi’nejad can keep only a few of his promises [fight against poverty] then I will be happy that I didn’t vote for Rafsanjani... They are hungry and tired... and only want financial security


For the boycotters... our dear human rights friends abroad... for how long are we to be bait in your traps so that you can chant your slogans, show off that you have not been idle and that you are a social activists, fighters, you are politically aware... while your fellow countrymen... that is I… we are being crushed… by a minority that can take the whole of this nation towards slavery...Persianblogger:

Today was my 9/11. A day in which a forceful phenomenon changed the whole paradigm of my thinking about many things Shabah

Do not worry or become alarmed. Nothing much has happened, except that we can see what has been up to now hidden, a fresh force outside the power structure has not been empowered... the force that during the last eight years held the real power is now come to the forefront and has only made itself visible Hanouz:

They have built him [President Ahmadi’nejad] up as an opposition figure to the regime or as he puts it, to return rule to the people...

No one will expel the Taliban from our homes. To reach democracy perhaps there is no other way but to tame this tribe... It is not simple and those who have naively taken such promises [of redistribution of wealth] to their hearts have to realise that justice will not prevail with such talk and only poverty can be fairly and speedily distributed.


Our community of pseudo-intellectuals are like the Laos soccer team. They always lose ten to one and at the end of the game say: Failure is the start of Victory!

Nasrin Alavi

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