Discussion: Should Moin stay in the race or leave

26 May 2005

An exciting debate is playing out now in the Persian weblog community. It's about the next step for Mostafa Moin, the main reformist candidate who is now back in the race as a result of the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamanei's request from the Guardian Council's as to reverse the bar on Moin.

Some bloggers believe that Moin and his team should leave the race, because it's hypocritical to accept the Supreme Leader's not-quite-lawful orders when it's to their benefit.

Kayhan happily announces Khamenei's demand to reassess reformist candidates

 Others believe that Moin should restart his campaign no matter what conservatives are trying to say. For instance, Kayhan, a radical newspaper with strong ties to conservatives "has tried to weaken Moin's position":http://kayhannews.ir/840303/index.htm by saying that he is now only back because of Khamanei's kindness and therefore he owes the Supreme Leader.

Some of the latter group argue that because it's apparently Khamanei who needs Moin for his big impact on the ultimate voter turnout, the reformist candidate should set serious conditions for his comeback which can include major but small changes in the election laws and vetting procedures.

"An online poll":http://i.hoder.com/archives/2005/05/050524_014074.shtml that I put yesterday on _Editor: Myself_ , my own blog in Persian, now shows that about 60% of the readers think Moin should get out of the race and 40% believe he should continue.

Both ideas have passionate supporters, but the decision will apparently be announced this Thursday, after a large meeting that the main reformist party (IPF).

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