Opinion: Incompetent Bush emboldens fundamentalists in Iran

8 September 2005

Hardliners in Iran have picked up heavily on Washington's failurein the recent hurricane in New Orleans, as if the regime of Iran is the most human-loving state on earth and its leaders care most about their people. (We all know what happened in Bam two years ago.)

My Strong feelings against Bush administration are no secret to my readers, but when I see Kayhan, the true voice of fundamentalists who now hold the entire power in Iran, lamenting the U.S. for these failures only to justify its own actions and positions, it sickens me.

Bush, as the wrong symbol of the West, has emboldened all dictators who desperately seek reasons to show their people that democracy and human rights is not what the West wants, it's what we provide to you.

Now you see how hard it is not to side either with Bush or Khamanei when they both keep helping each others' agendas.

It's frustrating that Bush's incompetence in all aspects has given so much

Why we're suing over the £23m NHS data deal with 'spy tech' firm Palantir

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Hear from:

Cori Crider Lawyer, investigator and co-founder of Foxglove, a non-profit that seeks to make the use of technology fair for everyone

Caroline Molloy Editor ourNHS and openDemocracyUK

Chair: Mary Fitzgerald Editor-in-chief, openDemocracy

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