Election day coverage

17 June 2005

9:00 p.m: The time for vote is extended till 10 p.m and now the noise signal on satellite TVs are gone so I can also track other news channels. BBC Francis Harrison is reporting constantly from Tehran and he interviews a guy called Mr. Ghizilbash who is a political activist. I have never heard of him but he is indeed a fair observer of the election issues here. Bush made Iran leaders and TV to gain a clue to repeat the stupid marches against the west. Will you please try not to support our people by any chance?

5:00 p.m: We headed north towards Ershad cultural complex where most of the media coverage both from state television and foreign reporters are coming from. The place was really much more crowded than the one we voted in but still less than the amount you would expect from scenes of the TV. "This is the line in front of men's entrance":http://mrbehi.blogs.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/queue.jpg. My wife had the chance to spot "Masih Alinejad":http://masih.30morgh.org (The brave parliamentary journalist who was forced out of the Parliament as she challenged some of the conservative MPs) "talking to the famous CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour":http://mrbehi.blogs.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/masih_cnn.jpg. Mrs. Behi told me later than Amanpour had a little clash with administrators in the voting site because she was asked not to do the interviews in English. How do they expect someone from CNN to do the interview maybe because they knew she is half-Iranian. I do not see any point of putting pressure on journalists like this but seems that the fellows wanted to know what was being said (Go and learn English you lazy goofs!).

4:30 p.m: We hired a taxi to get toward the northern parts of the city. The driver asked if we voted and when we affirmatively nodded, he showed his frustration and got angry. He said "I respect your decision but I do not think it can bring any change". "What will happen if we don't then?", we replied. He said "ok, but people are not important for the system and it is already decided that hashemi should shall be president". So we shall let him down by our votes, I insisted.

4:00 p.m: Me and Mrs. Behi went to vote. We spotted a mosque near our place in a major square in Tehran city centre. There were not many people waiting in the line. Approx 20 and I could not really tell for whom they were about to vote apart from some young couples like us who had nothing to hide that they were voting for Mostafa Moeen. "This is the vote my wife casted.":http://mrbehi.blogs.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/vote_1.jpg

12:30 p.m: Internet connection is back.

12:05 p.m: I am still home. The national television is covering the election in the way it wants. We are experiencing Internet outage. I tried various different ISPs and they are all out. I called one of them and they told me that it is cut from the root by the telecommunications ministry. Outrageous! Surprise! PMC (Persian music channel) that is run from Dubai is among the few we can get when they impose noises on satellite TVs and it is now showing Hashemi's campaign movie. The kind of music they play is very prohibited by Iranian authorities so how shall I explain that. BBC world covers the election as one of the headlined and kind of suggesting that Hashemi will win which really disappoints me.

10:05 a.m: Just got up. Now browsing the Iranian blogs and the national TV. This IRIB is disgusting. They select people and ask crazy questions from them in voting site: "What is your feeling now?" and the guy says: "I am hitting a feast on America's nose!". They are very famous of telling what they think from the mouth of their supporters and call it people opinion. Since last night there has been a huge noise casting by the government on satellite TVs so the only channel I can get is the BBC world, the one that is broadcasting for India. There are many who are hopeful for Moeen to win. I hope the wise people of big cities win. From many of the bloggers there is a sign of hope but fear for fraud and misuse of armed forces. Will have a little breakfast and will go out as soon as I can to see what is out there. check back here.

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