Opinion: Hold the line Hobbits! Let's save the precious

22 June 2005

Wired events are going on here. A boom in the news started earlier this week when Mehdi karrubi, one of the candidates (moderate semi-reformist) wrote a letter to the leader criticising him, his supporters and his son for illegal support and fraud in favour of Mahmood Ahmadi Nejad (The ultra-conservative radical candidate). His letter is surprisingly new in style as it is the first time as far as I can recall that someone from within the system of power is complaining about the leader in such an open way and makes such straight criticism especially because he has been the leader’s nominee and ad-visor, the position he announced his reassignment for in the same letter. The crazy thing is that daily papers were ordered not to publish his letter and his offending on the leader and those did, are now closed. Eghbal daily is one of those and is close to supporters of Mostafa Moeen the defeated reformist candidate. There is a hope as it is in the news site that the ban will be short.

There are fears for extreme radical Islamic ideas to steer up in high-level management if Ahmadi Nejad and his supporters get elected. He as it is apparent now, has the support of revolutionary guard and in thus the leader. They have horrible plans for every aspect of our lives. So ridiculous that people know are making jokes about what will happen if he become president (In airport, people were saying maybe ladies use different terminals for their flights or different pedestrian pathway not to get mixed with men!).The fundamentalists are so strict socially and will clash a lot with the youth those who are already having problem with existing moderate government for the limitations it applies on their way of clothing and social mingling with opposite sex.

In economy, they are so horrible that today I read in a website quoting Ahmadi Nejad that stock exchange is not a good thing because it is like gambling and gambling is not permitted in Islam! Unbelievable! For a progressive nation like Iran with so many intellectuals, he is suggesting a plot of Taliban like system. Lat night though he appeared on TV and denied having radical ideas but it is apparent from the mood of those who support him that the reverse is true.

Now, hey out there. Those who boycotted with whatever idea (I respect all) We all know the flaws in the system, how unfair it is. We know how we hate Rafsanjani and his corrupted team. But this wall is our last to protect. If we show up little, they will cheat again and make the most logically impaired people to become the owners of our destiny and they will cut all the trees we raised in these years with our words and ideas so that under their shadow we can have better living and a more free society despite the barren desert of dictatorship around us.

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