Opinion: The Crunch Came

18 June 2005

Very upset. It is hard to write.

Everyone is in ultimate shock of these unprecedented, unbelievable and horrible results. When I voted yesterday, I would never imagine such outcome. Cannot comment about rumors of fraud in election but this is just wrong. Everywhere people are talking about this, biting their nails. This could really be avoided if those reformists who supported the boycott would have not done so.

I received calls from friends who boycotted the election; they are now desperately calling for vote for Rafsanjani although they all dislike him (I can imagine his ear to ear smile if it happens) They are escaping from imagining the hard line, ultraconservative Ahmadinejad as president, busy with jeopardizing all of our passion for democracy within the past few years, ruining our desire for being a republic buy turning the cabinet a puppet for the non-elected individuals.

Again, the clerics cornered us in a dead lock and it's very unfortunate that we locked the last door behind us and surrendered our little chance to have our say and do some action to those who were ready to vote by the order from the conservatives.

The game that conservative supporters are playing is not fair but they are prepared, instead their rivals decided to watch the massacre of their rights. Most of the undemocratic characteristics of the election were also present eight years ago but we made the conservatives believe that we can deny them and have our say. We voted for Khatami and what a day it was! Compare the two days.

If we acted same as yesterday eight years ago, no reform would have been possible at all.

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