Opinion: You snooze (or not) you lose (anyway)

14 June 2005
It is hard for many to even think of voting. Sadly, I can find the above statement true in any combination except the original! Reformists make adorable promises and are trying to tell people that they are now very different and will in fact be more persistent on their reformist demands. In this haphazard campaign where empty promises are a common stock for sale by the candidates, reformists are felt as the most honest - but honesty does not mean capability. The ideas of the reformists are more or less the same as the demands of many people, but a reformist president with good will to change but not enough power to implement it, will make the idea behind reform even lonelier than it is now. This feeling that “you lose anyway” no matter who you vote for is felt by many in Iran for whom the divergence between their thoughts and the way politics work is becoming too wide to be filled.
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