Activism for Ganji

14 July 2005

There's only so much we can do as bloggers. The mass media is not picking up the Ganji story. News on Iran continues to be selective. We need to take the initiative and start writing op-eds for local newspapers. The big papers generally won't listen to us, but the local papers will.

Take the next hour and write about Ganji. Keep your opinion short and to do the point (around 500-700 words). Write about Ganji, what he represents to you, and what you want people to do. Remember, the local editors might not know who he is, and you're readers most likely won't either, so keep it simple. Explain the small things, like background or years in prison, and his reasons behind the hunger strike. Then when you want to submit your article go to the website of your local paper. Find the section on opinions/editorials or contact info and email them and let bloggers know about your efforts.

Also Take the time and read the following articles for background information for your article:Release Ganji! Campaign

A recent report by Human Rights Watch A report by Reporters Without Borders Ganji Wikipedia site PEN article on Ganji's state

Look at these pictures for reflection.

If many of us sent out articles, some will be picked. Invariably, some won't. But its worth a try to get out our voice. The man is dying, so take the time right now and write. Help make the news, rather than reading it.

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