Democracy in Iran, blog responses to Sazegara

15 April 2005

openDemocracy’s article series on Iran is making some waves in the blogosphere, and it seems to be mainly pro-military invasion bloggers who have latched on to it (at least on English-language blogs). Has calling for democracy in Iran become too Right-sounding to the anti-war Left?

Also check out this moving letter to Mohsen Sazegara from an Iranian openDemocracy reader.

At The Word Unheard, there is an overview of openDemocracy’s Iran debate. Blogger “USMC_Vet” seems sympathetic to Kaveh Ehsani’s argument for peaceful protest but says, “From a standpoint of American security, leaving the framework of this regime of lunatics in place is not an option. Removing them without considerable bloodshed is likely not a possiblity.”

Ubi Libertas takes a similar stance, especially disagreeing with Mohsen Sazegara on the importance of support from intellectuals, writers, and artists: “If the last few years teach us anything it is that poets, novelists, philosophers, playwrights, and singers matter not at all. They're too busy stroking each other to do any actual good in the world. The best we can hope for from them is that they don't actively hinder change, and even that modest hope is often frustrated.”

The Pseudo Magazine applauds Sazegara’s efforts, and practically predicts a Marxist revolution in educated, well-informed and internet-connected Iranian society: “The people will have their voices heard. Woe betide anyone who stands in their way.”

Regime Change Iran comments on the unlikely rumour among Iranian ex-patriates that Sazegara is “an agent of the regime sent to undermine their efforts.”

And Ukranian-American, “Aussiegirl” in Washinton D.C. says Sazegar’s online referendum petition reminds her of something George Bush once said: “Read the referendum -- and see if it doesn't remind you of an American document we all celebrate on the Fourth of July. Freedom is a wonderful thing -- and it appears that the craving for it is universal, as George Bush has repeatedly stated.”

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