Declaring Knowledge Warfare

27 January 2006

Pete Drucker once famously predicted the rise of the 'knowledge worker'... are we now seeing the steady rise of knowledge warfare?

A declassified document signed by Donald Rumsfeld, shows what many of us have been fearing - that the unprecedented people power unleashed by the Internet will be countered by those that speak of democracy but fear its breath on their neck. The Information Operations Roadmap states that the US govt wants to 'fight the net'. and enable 'full-spectrum information operations'

The definition given of 'Information Operations' could quite clearly be applied to domestic US government opponents, as well as foreign adversaries:

"The integrated employment of  the core capabilities of Electronic Warfare, Computer Network Operations, Psycological Operations, Military Deception and Operations Security, in concert with specified supporting and related capabilities, to influence, disrupt, corrupt or usurp adversarial human and automated decision-making while protecting our own."

The information superhighway has roadblocks, stop signs and hitchhikers. But how much of what is out there is a conscious effort by information warriors to influence what we think? 

Adam Brookes - BBC   Full Text of Information Operations Roadmap (PDF) 

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