On the "long expected" attacks.

8 July 2005

Roger Scruton

The attacks that London has suffered have been long expected and were well prepared. Moreover we know very well what caused them. Long before Britain's involvement in the war in Iraq, long before September 11th, the Wahabite loonies have been preaching murder and resentment in our mosques, and the ghouls of al-Muhajiroun have been recruiting young men and women to the cause of mass murder. Our government wishes to criminalise 'religious hatred', but is blind to the real form that it takes - not the legitimate criticism of Islamic extremism that most of us would wish to make, but the incitement to holy war in the name of Islam. It is time for law-abiding Muslims to get together and expel the haters from their midst. If they do not do so, then they will irrevocably damage the image of their religion, and maybe even justify our government in its latest attack on our freedoms.

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