Call for Editorial Partnerships 2013

openDemocracy is looking for creative editorial partners in 2013 who share our commitment to openness, democracy and human rights.

30 January 2013

Editorial partnerships are content collaborations with individuals and their organisations in which openDemocracy provides the editorial expertise, publishing platform, social networks and readership to help further the impact of your articles, blogs, or multimedia material.

The carefully chosen content is published to a specifically curated page or network of pages on the openDemocracy site, with the material also feeding into the main openDemocracy 'waterfall' of articles and preserved in the openDemocracy archive. Partnerships are highlighted on the openDemocracy front page.
Partnerships can:

  • Bring new audiences to an event or series of events that you are holding, such as a conference, as is the case with our Creating Publics, Opening Democracies guest week with the Open University
  • Mark a moment of historical significance, e.g. our Shock and Awe partnership one hundred years after the first aerial bombing campaign
  • Draw fresh attention to an area under-appreciated in the Anglophone world, like our project on Algeria and the Arab Revolutions with Martin Evans of the University of Sussex.
  • Introduce innovative academic thinking to a wider audience, such as the Citizenship after Orientalism project also with the Open University.
  • We make sure articles are accessible to a wider audience, and we like to structure them into debates which invite the openDemocracy reader to make up their own minds about the arguments unfolding. If you have the makings of a challenging debate, we are on the look out for new partners for themed guest editor weeks which bring new vision to the openDemocracy front page. There are many longer term forms of collaboration we are happy to discuss.

    We cover world affairs, ideas, and culture and we would like our partnerships to reflect this diversity.

    The cost of partnering with openDemocracy depends upon the size and duration of the project and the intensity of the work involved.

    Have a look at our partnership information page for the ladder of different partnership 'bands' so that you can choose a format that suits your aims.

    What can partnering with openDemocracy offer you?

    openDemocracy is a global commons – a plural, online, high quality space free for all – read by 200,000 unique visitors a month, including people in policy-making circles, journalists, grassroots workers, campaigners and academics.

    We provide:

  • Editorial services, including advice and commissioning
  • Dedicated page or set of pages on the openDemocracy website for your project
  • A flexible platform for publishing images, photo essays, audio and video content –e.g. ‘The Battle of Algiers'
  • The chance to form communities following your page – through the RSS feed, email newsletter, and Twitter account that we can set up
  • Permanent accessibility in the openDemocracy archive

  • In partnering with academic research projects we hope to be recognised as successful partners in knowledge transfer when we help you engage and develop a wider public beyond academic circles. We are interested in exploring different ways in which you can make an impact with your material, whether this is through greater interaction via question and answer sessions, structured debates, or social media, blogging and podcasting. We would be happy to help you demonstrate this impact to colleagues and funders.


    Contact the openDemocracy Editor, Rosemary Bechler, and Publisher, Andrew Hyde, on [email protected] to outline your particular project. After an initial discussion, we will draw up and cost a scheme for you to approve, including the material to be presented, any related events, and the timeline you'd like to work towards. Each project is specially customized and we are always happy to discuss new ideas.

    What they say

    I thought the Citizenship after Orientalism partnership was excellent - exactly what OD does best, staying close to current news, and at the same time getting behind it to look much deeper.

     Iannis Carras (Historian of the Balkans and Russia)

     The Battle of Algiers pages look great. Already students at Sussex will be using them alongside a special screening of the film. This is going to be a great resource. 

    Martin Evans (Professor of Modern European History, University of Sussex)

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    We encourage anyone to comment, please consult the oD commenting guidelines if you have any questions.
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