Make America Great Again: an outsider's perspective

One thing Trump is really good at? Being fake. 

Anant Rao Raghunath
4 December 2016

Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore. Some rights reserved.I do not live in the US but like many in the world outside it, I keep track of and am aware of a lot of what happens there, maybe sometimes more than those who actually live there. Let’s start off with the question of the day: Why did people feel that America needed to be made great again? What made America such a bad place for a section of the population that they felt they needed to go back to the old days? I say “old days” since it seems like most of the younger generation of today isn’t comprised of Trump supporters [1], but a lot of the previous generation is. Anyway, the question is why did America need to be made great ‘again’?


Source: surveymonkey.com/elections/map Those who think that it was because of atheists, liberals, LGBTQ people, non-Christians, non-whites, immigrants taking away their jobs or their employers who were outsourcing their jobs to Asian countries, are wrong.

It is because a large section of the population who feels that way haven't and won't go to college, and won't get an education that will make them more employable. They won’t undertake an education that allows them to contribute more to industry and maybe even create jobs. Simple as that. But not really. Let's take a deeper look.

The above is because the American education system has made sure that not everyone in the more rural sectors and inner states of the US goes to college after finishing school. They're so drained due to their education system and have a lot of local blue, pink or low level white collar jobs to engage them and allow them to become ‘independent’ immediately, which is what is expected of many of them.

Another reason why people won't go to college is due to fear of debt, inability to pay exorbitantly high tuition fees and a general apathy towards education after years of suffering through a bad system (which is common to the education systems of most countries). Specifically to the US though, in addition to all that, many also seem to have a general apathy towards learning and being seen as smart or intelligent, which is why derogatory labelling of those who are smart has always been a common thing with "nerds" and "geeks". Now, we see that those very nerds and geeks are the cool ones in the urban sectors of America, the ones who go to college, get a good degree and get a great job. They are the ones who are in control of and are building the future of the country. But they are ALSO suffering from the debt incurred by their education.

Those debts exist due to the American banking system being overly corrupt (proven during the court trials after the 2008 recessions). The madness for 'profit' has turned free market capitalism into its own worst enemy, where the needs of the few far outweigh the needs of the many. Also, the tough competition for jobs in high profile companies that make trillions and billions means that the colleges charge extremely high fees as compensation for an education that will enable students to get those jobs. But there are only a handful of such openings and not everyone is going to get one. And even though they might find employment in decent places, they won't be able to cover their hundred thousand dollar debts (how some college debts reach that high is beyond me).

Who runs these banks and who runs these businesses for profit in ways that ensure that all these problems keep repeating themselves and getting exacerbated so as to keep the hamster wheel running while maintaining the status quo? The billionaires, that's who. And who’s the one billionaire on everyone's radar right now? Trump. And as the polls show, the majority of the older generation of Americans just sold their soul to Trump, the kind of person who is at the root of all these problems. And why did they do so, even though he’s the actual cause of their problems? They did it because the system manufactured their consent and then gave them something to consent to.

Trump is the archetypical rabble rousing demagogue who knew what to say to the masses and so gave them what they wanted to hear. They wanted to hear that it wasn't THEIR fault that they didn't have jobs. It was the fault of the aliens who had invaded their sacred sanctum of a country and destroyed it through their many religions (or lack of one) and those who chose to identify differently from the norm, who had degraded the good and pure morals of their innocent children.

The way of life of an entire generation (the previous one) had been upturned by these attacks on the very integrity of their beings and their rights to free (read: hate) speech. This wasn't just about jobs, this wasn't just about the economy or about corrupt banks and it was definitely not about the rich feeding off the poor; this was about those different from 'them', the kind of people they couldn't understand and couldn't accept. This was about African Americans who needed to be controlled so that crime could be controlled because ‘they’ obviously were the root cause of all crime in the country. This was about Mexican immigrants who needed to be stopped and sent back so that jobs could come back to 'real' Americans. This was about those pesky liberals and progressives who had been impinging on their 'god given' right to 'freedom' to do as they pleased, which was pushing their obsolete and outdated value systems on others.

This wasn't about THEM at all; it was everyone else's fault they were so undervalued (read: incompetent and under educated). The truth is that they could never truly cope with the free market meritocracy that they loved and lauded and they didn’t realise that if the capable immigrants were sent away, their jobs would just be sent to their countries with them.


  Source: surveymonkey.com/elections/map

Trump, an old timer, a celeb who stood for all that was 'great' about America - racism, hatred, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, religious indoctrination, profiteering et al - was the one that got the votes of the people of the older generation, because he told them that all their problems were not because they were incapable or unwilling or because of a system that gave them no other choice or because of people like HIM who helped maintain the status quo, but instead it was because of THOSE people, THERE, on the other side of the fence. Those people THERE, in their fancy urban centres with their liberal views that went against whatever the Bible said and what their Lord would have wanted of them. Those progressives, those Left winged sheeple, those Democrats, those fake Americans, many of whom love and accept everyone that crosses ‘our’ sacred borders, in this Christian nation, the land of the people, for the people and by the people.

Aside from the obvious Hitler parallels, we see how fake the whole campaign has been. It has targeted and appealed to the so called 'oppressed' majority; those who wanted something to blame, anything but themselves, anything but the system they believed in which was supposed to work for them and their ‘American dream’ and anything but their own values and indoctrination. Through systemic propaganda and pandering, Trump has managed to trick almost an entire country into buying what he was selling, which tells us that he was really good at at least one thing - being the businessman, the profiteer, the racketeer to the very end. This was the biggest marketing scam ever and to be able to market yourself so well when you are worth absolutely nothing takes being really good at only one thing - being fake.

So, come on Trump supporters, you got what you asked for and this is your one chance! Let’s make America fake again! Let’s make America hate again! Let’s make America GREAT again!

[1] - 2016 Elections: Exit poll.  

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